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Organized By Josh is a Professional Organization business with the goal of helping people simplify and organize their lives and homes. I greatly enjoy working with people helping them de-clutter, simplify, and get organized.


My Story

After a high-profile career in management and technology consulting, I found myself dissatisfied with life and unhappy with my career. I knew that all the possessions I had accumulated had been a contributor to some of my dissatisfaction. Chasing the “American Dream” left me burnt out and in search of true meaning in life, so I changed everything.


After reading about minimalism and decluttering, and the benefits people have experienced, I decided to embrace my own flavor of it. I quickly paid off all my financial debt in less than a year and started to better optimize my finances by budgeting and investing. I stopped buying things and started selling and donating those things I no longer needed. I got rid of all the physical, mental, and emotional clutter and optimized everything I possibly could.


This process inspired me to help others to do many of these same things. Organizing, simplifying, and letting go of the clutter helped me find the fulfillment I desired in life. Since going through this process I have started a number of successful companies, traveled all over the world, moved abroad, attended many of the biggest sporting events.


After starting Organized By Josh in 2016, I have worked with 50+ clients helping them simplify and organize their lives.  

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