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Welcome to Organized By Josh

Organized By Josh was founded with the goal of helping people simplify their lives and organize their homes. By letting go of the things holding us back, we can live more simple lives. Our solutions are simple, effective, and require little to no organizing products. Experience the difference with Organized By Josh today!


Based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Serving all clients virtually.

Here's what people are saying..

"Josh provided the guidance and inspiration I needed to take back the spaces in my house that had been overtaken by stuff. Not important stuff, valuable stuff, or even sentimental stuff. Just STUFF. Josh provided a plan and gave me the support I needed to work with my teenage daughters to get them onboard. He also helped us understand his philosophy. More things don't make us happier - experiences and time with our loved ones are what matter. When we clear out the things that don't really matter, we have time to enjoy the things that do. Josh helped our family do that and it's changed our whole way of thinking. I enjoyed working with him so much, and I can't say enough positive about him."

- Ingrid

"Josh did the impossible. After living in our house for 28 years, Josh reduced the needless clutter in our home and helped us change our lifestyle so we never go back to our old ways. We had accumulated all our lives and never did we stop to question our consumption. Best of all, for the first time in our lives we can park our car in the garage."

- Jon

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